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Iveco Bus is one of the major European manufacturers in the passenger transport sector and is steadily expanding its activities globally, with a presence in more than 40 countries. This result has been achieved through continuous investment in research and development and the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

Iveco Bus offers a complete range of vehicles for transporting people: urban and inter-city buses, tourism coaches and mini-buses.

Iveco Bus (previously Irisbus) was established in January 1999 through an alliance between Iveco and Renault V.I. who decided to join forces in the public transport segment by merging their respective bus activities.

Since the beginning of 2003, the company has been 100% owned by Iveco. In 2013 Irisbus transformed into Iveco Bus, reinforcing the identity of this core business with the company’s other international activities, and favoring the development and recognition of the Bus product portfolio on every continent.

A distinctive trait that sets Iveco Bus apart in its sector is its approach to innovation and testing, which for years has been conducted in close collaboration with public transport operators on alternative fuels and new vehicle concepts, focusing particularly on environmental impact, passenger comfort and operating costs.

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