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1. Where can I find information on professional opportunities with CNH Industrial?

The Careers section provides information on professional opportunities, selection processes, training programs, etc. In this section you can also submit an application either for a specific position within the Company or simply to be kept on file. If your CV is of interest, we will contact you to proceed to the next step.

2. What types of academic qualifications are CNH Industrial looking for?

CNH Industrial is primarily seeking graduates in engineering, economics and other technical and scientific disciplines. Degrees in other subjects may also be of interest depending on our specific needs.

3. Where can I send my CV?

You can submit your CV through the Join Us section of the CNH Industrial website, selecting the area of operations you are interested in.

4. Are there opportunities for internships?

CNH Industrial organizes internships in most countries where it operates. Internship opportunities are primarily aimed at graduates in engineering, economics and other technical and scientific disciplines, although there may also be opportunities for graduates in other subjects.

5. How does the selection process work?

CVs are assessed on the basis of various criteria including the type of degree, professional experience, skills and willingness to relocate domestically or internationally. The steps in the selection process may vary based on the candidate’s level of seniority. The first step is a preliminary interview to get to know the individual. If the assessment is positive, the candidate will then have one or more follow-up meetings with managers from the relevant area.

6. Are there international relocation programs?

Our worldwide operations and variety of businesses and functions represent an interesting opportunity for those who wish to develop further professionally and also to work internationally.

7. Will I be on a specific team during my internship?

Interns will be placed within a specific department at CNH Industrial. However, we give interns the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the Company and allow them to gain experience in different departments as part of their overall learning experience.