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Heuliez Bus

​​Heuliez Bus still bears the name of its founder, Louis Heuliez, who started manufacturing coaches nearly a century ago. Heuliez Bus became part of CNH Industrial in 2013 as a result of the merger between Fiat Industrial and CNH Global, but Heuliez Bus retains its brand identity and remains a leader in France and is developing its position in Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.​

​​As well as making industry-leading buses, Heuliez Bus also offers spare parts, training courses for customers and second-hand vehicles.​

​​​With its focus on creativity, innovation, quality, attention to customer needs and sustainability, Heuliez Bus is both building on its heritage and looking to the future.​



Traditional beginnings: Louis Heuliez Founds the Heuliez Company, and starts to produce horse drawn carriages.​


The first Heuliez coach is manufactured, using a wooden structure and a UNIC chassis​


A new home: Heuliez Bus moves to Rorthais, France, its current location.​


Volvo Bus Corp. acquires 37.5% of Heuliez Bus, with Renault VI holding 37.5% and the Heuliez family retaining a 25% stake.​


Heuliez Bus becomes a subsidiary of Renault VI.​


Creation of Irisbus (Iveco 50%, Renault VI 50%).​


Iveco acquires Renault's share in Irisbus.​


​Iveco’s activities are demerged from Fiat S.p.A and Iveco becomes part of Fiat Industrial, the demerged Capital Goods arm of Fiat Group.


The road to success: CNH Industrial is formed, following the merger of Fiat Industrial and CNH Global N.V.


​​​Heuliez Bus presents the new electric bus GX ELEC in France.​