Innovative and Sustainable Products

​As evidenced by the materiality analysis, the issues central to both CNH Industrial and its stakeholders are those concerning the products themselves, in particular user safety, product quality and environmental impact. CNH Industrial products are used for work purposes and their safety, and efficiency of use increases productivity, so this is also of key importance.

All aspects related to user safety, quality and environmental impact are accounted for during product design, which is managed by the Global Product Development process.

CNH Industrial: Product Life Cycle

CNH Industrial adopts an eco-design approach, employing solutions in the design phase that:
  • Reduce the environmental impacts of product use
  • Provide longer intervals between scheduled maintenance
  • Reduce weight (of engines and on-road vehicles)
  • Enable recycling of remaining materials
  • Allow for the disassembly and remanufacturing of components
  • Eliminate the use of hazardous substances